Increasing of electricity production and efficiency of Wrocław II hydropower plant by modernization of turbosets no 5 and 6, technical infrastructure and grate cleaner – summary. 

Description of problem: The most significant problem is necessity of often renovations of turbosets. It causes growing of costs and has an influence on lower power generation and lower company revenues. Any other results of that situation are technical breaks caused by technical state of devices. The second assumption of project is modernization of grate cleaner used in grabing huge parts of trashes floating in the river which are dangerous for turbines. None of the problems is related to laws or policies matter. 

Project’s assumptions: In the one hand, project assumes modernization of two turbines (turbosets) responsible for generation an electricity. This activity will allow to produce bigger amount of electricity, will amend the efficiency of modernised devices and will decrease the quantity of failures and technical breaks. In the second hand, modernization of grate cleaner will ensure the safetiness of the main infrastructure (turbines) against bigger trashes which can destroy it.

Purposes and profits: Growing the productivity by 3%, amendment of efficiency to at least 87%, increasing of energy supply safetines, lower failures indicator.

Receivers: Directly: technicians of Applicant, customers and local community. Indirectly: General Restorer. Benefits: more energy from RES, higher efficiency, lower failures, clean air, safety of energy supply.

The general goal of the Project Indicator  Baseline value  Target value  Unit of measure 
 Increasing of energy production by RES Reduction of carbon dioxide level 0 119,95 tonnes per year
 Output  Indicator Baseline value  Target value  Unit of measure 
 Increasing of water energy potential Installed power capacity used in energy production by hydropower plant   0 0,8   megawatt
 Input  Indicator Baseline value  Target value  Unit of measure
Increasing of energy production by RES  Energy production level by hydropower plant  0  5433,30 MWh per year